Give or take

Give or take

For the sake of this post, I am going to be very simplistic. Actually, if your IQ is as low as mine, all of life is lived based on the KISS method – Keep It Simple, Stupid! Thus, I am about to “KISS” you with this post. And away we go.

The world is made up of two groups of people – givers and takers. Chances are you can see this clearly in the people around you, but you may have trouble determining which you are unless you are brutally honest with yourself. And the simple fact is this – givers always give and takers always take. Sure, there are times when people cross over a little – I mean we all eat different kinds of doughnuts from time to time, right? But, generally speaking, people are one or the other.

Takers are those who never get enough. Their paycheck is never enough. Their time off is never enough. What people do for them is never enough. They are going to constantly demand more and more from the people and the world around them. While in and of itself, there is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life, unfortunately takers many times have no consideration for the feelings of those around them. They just want more and don’t care who they take it from.

Now, givers will pour themselves out and do anything for anybody. They will continue to give even when they have nothing left to give. While it is admirable to be a giver, you can’t give if you have nothing to give. And givers will often empty themselves and still try to give which can leave them depressed because they can’t do what they are wired to do which is give.

True takers and givers will find life to often be frustrating. There is never enough to take – I mean that’s the way I feel every time I go to a pizza buffet (ha, ha). Enough really is never enough for some folks. And there is never enough to give. You will think if you just give a little more you will get the promotion or people will like you more. Take, take, take! Give, give, give! If you live life with no balance like this, life will be like sitting on a seesaw with nobody on the other end. You ain’t going nowhere.

So takers need to learn to give, and givers need to learn to take a little. As takers give to others, they will learn to better appreciate what they have and maybe not be so inconsiderate of other’s feelings. As givers take, they will be replenished so they can continue to give. Life needs to be about give AND take not give OR take. There needs to be a balance if we are to coexist in this world.

So, if you are taker, lighten up a little bit and give to someone today. You might find out it isn’t so bad to give of yourself. And, givers, take a little from someone when they offer. Now, don’t go demanding from another person – that’s what takers do – but accept something when offered. Find the necessary balance between giving and taking so you can be a better person. If we all do this, we might just find that life is a bit more enjoyable.


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