Maybe that’s childish

Maybe that’s childish

As I have gotten older, I find that many of us “adults” often wish we were more like a child. Our aspirations to be an adult now seem misplaced. We longingly look back to the days of our youth and think if only we could go back. And the reasons for wanting to recapture those days gone by are endless.

First, we wish we had the body of a child. And, no, this is not just because our midsection now keeps us from looking down and seeing our toes. Stop and think about it – children can play outside for hours, slow down for a drink of water and a cookie, and play for several more hours without the hint of being tired. I can’t even tie my shoes without pulling a muscle. Just the simple act of getting out of bed tires me to the point of needing a good two-hour snooze. Oh to have the never-ending energy and flexibility of a child.

Second, we would love to go back to those carefree days of childhood to recess and snack time. Sure, as a youngster, we found school to be difficult at times and boring most times. But come on – it pales in comparison to the life of an adult. I mean try asking your boss to give you an hour each day to play a little dodgeball or to go outside and run around. My guess is you will get a far different response then when your teachers were begging you as a child to go outside and burn off some energy.

And let’s not even get into the stress of working for a living. Yes, I do admit that homework at times was a bit taxing and vexing, but that was nothing a game of touch football in the yard didn’t cure. Now it’s 60-hour work weeks, never-ending projects and hoping there will be more money than month. I will take a red plastic ball to the face any day over that.

Lastly, there are times we wish we had the mind of a child. Not simply because we have gotten older and are “losing our minds” (losing our memory is a more accurate description). Children have a far different view of life and the world. This probably is because they haven’t become jaded or sarcastic like many of us have. (Also, they have no idea who the Kardashians are which certainly is a good thing.) Honestly, they just live life seeking out one new adventure after another without a care in the world. As adults, many of us are trying to avoid one nightmare after another with far too many cares.

But here’s what I miss the most – the sense of humor of a child. Come on, little people laugh at anything. I mean someone falls down and they laugh. Wait – so do I. Bodily noises of any kind cause a child to break out into hysterics. Come to think of it – I do that too. The corniest jokes elicit uncontrollable laughter. Hmm, come to think of it I tell and laugh at those jokes as well.

Maybe there still is a little child left in me. Nah, I think it’s more accurate to say that I am still childish. And in some ways, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

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