Hello world!

Hello world!

What do you get when you mix a slightly insane journalist with the World Wide Web? chrissiegel.com is the outcome.

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your stay. There are complimentary chocolates on your pillow which you might want to eat before sleeping because I understand melted confections are quite difficult to get out of your ear. Feel free to call the front desk if you need anything. We won’t answer, but feel free to call.

In all seriousness, I have thought a long time about creating a website to give me a creative outlet for the nonsense that rattles around in my brain on a daily basis. So, away we go. Some of what I post may be silly. Other posts may be more serious in nature. I may touch on sports. I might ramble on about the heat, traffic or sunshine on a cloudy day. I might post links to music I like or that speaks to me. Not sure how often I will write, but I will write. There is just no telling what I might do, but that is the fun of having a website on which to pontificate.

I hope you will enjoy what you see and share the site with your friends. If you have ideas of what you might like to see or a topic you want me to address, let me know. Much like elected officials, I will ignore you but you can ask. I kid, I kid. I welcome your suggestions and comments. So without further delay – welcome to chrissiegel.com

4 Replies to “Hello world!”

  1. How cool is this?! You did it!!! I will be looking forward to your funny stuff or just your stuff in particular. Congrats on the website!!

  2. Yay!! Congratulations Chris!! I look forward to reading everything you write! You have made me laugh so often when I needed it!! ?
    Laughing is medicine we all need!! Thank you! ❤️

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